Organic Vehicle

This is something I started making at the suggestion of a friend. It’s a biologically engineered “vehicle.” I was originally thinking of it as a spacecraft but am uncertain about the logistics. Rest assured it will take a while to finish and I’m in the middle of finals so don’t expect too much too soon. Anyway, here are the pics.

looking good. I like the idea, and the modeling seems to be going somewhere. I’m interested in how you’re going to finish this off. is this just the cockpit or is it the entire vehicle?

my 2 cents.

Looks organic, but doesn’t look like much right now

Wewa, thanks. I’m a bit uncertain about it. I kind of just jumped into it. But, yes, this is just the cockpit. I’m intending there to be two large wing arms that each terminate in another ‘bubble’ in which gunners would be located.

Kansas, it’s hard to remain objective about stuff, I guess. If you’re saying “that’s it?” then I guess I was mistaken in thinking that I had made progress. I’m not slamming you, I just find it interesting that the artist sees different things in his work than the viewer. I see “wow, all those hours tweaking that one little vine to get it to look just right” when a viewer can see “it’s just a vine.” Interesting.

Any way, I guess no crits means it’s perfect!! :wink:

Looks absolutely disgusting. 8)

What kind of ship is it (I mean, beyond the obvious “fighter”)?

Keep posting pics

Though most people seem to ignore my threads :frowning: , I decided to post an update. I’ve begun to work on the wings. This is a basic framework for now that will have a material change later as well as being covered with membranes and tentacles. C&C always appreciated!

Looking very nice so far. The blood vessels are great. Well modelled and placed very nicely as well.

The wings thus far need some more work IMO. They look to be too rigid and very flat right now. Check out some reference photos for airplane wings and I think you wil see what I mean. They just shoot straight out from the fuselage, (if you can call that a fuselage :wink: ).


Looks pretty good, Veins especialy.

But I’m not sure about the Green, it makes it look like a plant :wink:

I can only speak for my self,
but not at all, you ignore your threads.
Before this one, it’s been a week since your last pic, I almost for got you were doing this LOL

The wings thus far need some more work IMO. They look to be too rigid and very flat right now.

Point taken. I got into one of those got-to-model-something moods without thinking it over. I’ll be putting more work into those and making them less bland. I’m uncertain about how mechanically to approach it because I want it to look like a physical being.

I can only speak for my self,
but not at all, you ignore your threads.

I was being a little sarcastic, but I was mainly bothered by a thread in the Finished Projects that only got one response when it contained two animations, one of which was a 3 minute animated short. I don’t really mind, I just like to complain. Any-hoo, It’s been finals week so I’ve slowed down production. Thanks for the comments!!!

I agree with O, the green is a bit odd. I think if only the veigns were red that’d make it look cooler.

You might want to add a bunch of bone or carapace-like stuff for what would be comperable to the chassis, because so far with at least the colours you’ve chosen, it looks a lot like just a sac supplied with blood plus wings.

It’d also be cool if you could make it look like the sac has a muscous-like coating over it, but I suppose that’d be best left to later :).

I was picturing the bone structure to be underneath the (technical term) squishy stuff. I thought just lately of making the wings have a visible bone structure with the membrane stretched over it.

I think there has been some misinterpretaions. The sack is the cockpit. The veiny things are actually to large to be indiviual blood vessels but rather support the structure of the cockpit in addition to being the arms through which blood may flow. The green coloration was to give it a mix between plant and animal appearance, but it seems to generating more plant than animal interpretation.

Comments taken to heart. Will update soon.

Okee dokee, I’ve done away with the old structure. The design in my head now is to have rotating rib like bones that can lift the membrane or lower it, adjusting the airfoil. So I’ve still got to add the muscles and tendons in the wing, improve the membrane, and add vines/veins around it. Also there will be a big chunk added at the base of the wings that will support the wings as well as housing the propulsion system.

Textures need work still.

Have yet to add the block the base of the wings.

Looks pretty good.

One thing, is, I don’t know what I’m looking at :wink:
Which way is the wings going?

And is that big Sac the Cock-Pit?

Well, looking forward to seeing more :slight_smile:

Thanks, O. Having worked on it for so long, I guess I just assume that everyone understands it. :wink: Anyway, the sac is the cockpit and the wings are forward pointing.

I’ll finish modelling soon and then possibly set it up in a scene.