Organising tetxure maps for asset library, what do you think will be best practice?

So I’ve started to create an asset library and wondered what people thought would be the best practice.
Currently in my assets folder I Have blend files for furniture, technology and shaders and for each of these blender files there is a texture map folder and a custom preview folder.
Say I have wooden chair, all the texture maps for the wood shader it uses will be in the furniture texture folder.
I’m now thinking should I just keep all texture maps in the shaders texture folder, create a wood shader in the shader blend file and make this shaderr an asset.
Then load up the furniture blender file, select the wooden chair and apply the wood shader asset to the chair.
Finally re-save the furniture blend file, then make the chair ( with the wood shader asset applied ) an asset.
Or, do I just have two sets of texture map folders one for the shaders and one for models, that way when I select a furniture asset it loads up own shader which has its own copy of the texture maps in the furniture textures folder.
This then would not be an asset with an asset shader applied to it?
I’m unsure which would be the most optimised apparoach.