Organize Tools in the Tool Panel

I’m looking to change the placement of a couple tool icons in the tool panel. I opened various .py files in the addons I want to move looking for tool classes but am unsure what exactly is defining their placement. It’s a minor thing, but thought it may be handy to know how to modify for a more organized toolset…

I’d like to put the Construction Lines addon(at bottom) under the Pro Align tools addon which is underneath CAD Transform. Somehow Blender knew to group those two already.


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There use to be a python script for this in Blender 2.7 I let you organize the tabs on the tool shelf/ T-Key pop out. Like a lot of great python scripts I think the author abandoned it after he wrote it.

Would you care to give link so some good soul can pick it up and bring it to life?

After updating Boxcutter it moved the tool to the bottom of the list away from HardOps… Want it even more now.