Ori 3d character materialized

Hello everyone,

Over the last couple of days me and my team have been working on several projects 3d printing various models. I would like to share what we’ve come up so far.

Here is the story from one of our latests projects.

Many of you are familiar with Lara Croft character from video games and movies. Ori is somewhat similar to Lara. This lady was initially designed by Pawel, a student of Warsaw Academy of Arts. He made Ori from scratch, without any experience in character design! So, we decided it was pretty cool.

Her name comes from the first thing he saw while looking for a suitable name - Oriflame deodorant O_O. Pawel’s passion is 3d design and someday he hopes to be involved in professional character design for video games. You can check out his gallery on deviant art.

Pawel was really excited when we asked him if we could 3d print his awesome model, but hey, who wouldn’t? Anyway, after few e-mails we decided to print his model out. Here are the pix:




I’ve uploaded additional pictures on Picasa. Here is the link.

Feel free to leave a comment, I am really interested in hearing what you guys think about this sort of projects. At the moment we are hitting BETA stage, and will be providing contests and various events exclusively for Blenderartists community ;).