orient module

I don’t know if anyone will find this useful, but I thought I would post it. It’s from Spike and Siegal(I think) post and also from Orientation tutorial posted a while back, which was an excellent read, btw. Anyway, if you put this file in your text cache and call it Orient.py.

#use like this    
#mat1 = Orient.degrees(0.0,0.0,45.0)
#object.setPosition(mat1) for global orientation by degrees
#mat2 = owner.getOrientation()
#object.setPosition(Orient.mult(mat1,mat2)) for local rotation

import math

def degrees(alpha,beta,gamma):
    alpha = -alpha * math.pi/180
    beta = beta * math.pi/180
    gamma = -gamma * math.pi/180
    a = math.cos(alpha)
    b = math.sin(alpha)
    c = math.cos(beta)
    d = math.sin(beta)
    e = math.cos(gamma)
    f = math.sin(gamma)
    ad = a*d
    bd = b*d
    mat = [[c*e, -a*f+b*d*e, b*f+a*d*e],
    [c*f, a*e+b*d*f, -b*e+a*d*f],[-d, b*c, a*c]]
    return mat

def mult(mat1,mat2): 
    return [[(mat1[0][0]*mat2[0][0])+(mat1[0][1]*mat2[1][0])+(mat1[0][2]*mat2[2][0]),

You can then do this in a python script:

import GameLogic
import Orient

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
owner = cont.getOwner()
#set the absolute orientation to 45 degrees clockwise on the z axis
mat1 = Orient.degrees(0.0,0.0,45.0)
mat2 = owner.getOrientation()
#set the local rotation of the object so it turns 45 degrees clockwise
#on the z axis

If you do both those things as in this script you will end up with the object rotating 90 degrees.
Anyway, most times this is all I need to do, so it’s handy just loading Orient.py and doing an import. It’s just rehashed in a way that I can use it easily and remember it. You may also just prefer using Spikes and Siegal code the way it was, so do a search. Sorry if I miscredited anyone. The rotations are all clockwise in the 1,3,and 7 views.

i am not sure if this should belong here or python and plugins.

It normally get’s posted here. It’s strictly game engine.

useful code though.

Thanks guys although i must admit Spike coded it all and i just tweaked it to work the way we wanted it to.

Here is the original post: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=47149, and
if you scroll to the bottom you will see a new and improved script by Spike who now has tons more knowledge about those types of things.

Later :wink:

good useful code
hew can reversal that
if object orient (z or x) = 45:
do that or stab or …