Orient room

Hello there. That’s one of my first cycles projects of an interior scene. It’s almost finished, but some things are still missing. I’m looking for some good critique and solution for a better picture.

for the render i used 3 different scenes.

  1. in Cycles
  2. in blender render for a bit volume lighting
  3. also blender render for the smoke

It was rendered with 2000 samples. No caustic (faked the effect with a “Is Diffuse Ray” in the Light Path-Node connected to the factor in the glossy-diffuse-mix-shader)
Render Time ~5h

I aim for photorealism

PS. The bamboo-plant is not from me. I got in from blendswap.com (Yellow Panda)

the material on the sofas look too glossy I’m not sure what type of material you’re going for if you’re going for leather you should add some wrinkles or stretch marks, the material on the floor needs bump mapping and I think you should soften the floor shadows a tad as well as use a higher resolution texture. The lighting looks a little wonky, I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is though…

Very nice. I’d find a better lighting solution though. That bright spot on the wall hurts my eyes. Maybe some candles. Very nice render though. Looks like a very peaceful place.

Looks great, I love the warm colors and overall mood.

Maybe some lighting adjustments, and the couch of the left feel (to me) like it wants to be facing the center of the room (and hookah!) And maybe the other couch wants to be a little closer to the table (to facilitate smoking the hookah!)

Are you using any mesh lights, or is it mostly lamps? A lot of times I have noticed that lamps in cycles will start to kill the realism some, and that switching to a plane or circle or icosphere with an emission material instantly brings it closer to real.

The scene is feeling mostly complete in terms of large items, but maybe go through and start adding tiny details. A bevel on the picture frame, some tassle (strings) on the ends of the carpet, some bump on the floor boards.

But really excellent, I look forward to seeing where you go with it. :yes:

thanks for your answers already.
I see the lighting seems to be the biggest problem. @UKNOWHO I will look for a better texturing on the coach. For the material on the floor i used a normal-, displacement-, specularity- and occlusion-map which i created with CrazyBump. Here i will soften the effect of the occ-map.

@blenderallday i actually didn’t use any lights, just emission-materials. i probably will turn down the strength of the spotlight. at the moment I got a strength of 2800 there. Maybe it’s better to work with some hidden lights in the dark parts of the picture, isnt it?

I tried to create some noticeable volume light coming out of the spotlight, like some light rays, but i didn’t really got a clue how to get that effect using the blender render. maybe you got some tips for me there.

i also will try to use depth of field.

and i will look for some tiny details. i already got an plaster texture for the wall right now. :RocknRoll:

Three strikes, you’re … :frowning:

  • Unexplained (and unacceptable) “smoky visual garbage” in the foreground … cigarette-smoke set on fire.
  • Blown-out whites (although not “white”) on the panel.
  • Meanwhile … Opaque shadows at/beneath the table.

In both the second and the third cases, detail “that the human eye could see” is lost to digital clipping … and, for this reason alone, the human eye rejects it.

Okay. Some adjustments are in work.
here the first new render i made over night. just changed the carpet and floor a little bit. and renewed the materials from the sofas and the wall. the sofa looks terrible though, have to change it again^^ few more things are in progress.

@sundialsvc4, so you think i should skip the smoke-part? i’d like to have such an effect, but will try to get an more realistic effect.
don’t get your 2. point
3. point is because rendered with no caustic. the next render will be with caustic again, unfortunately with more noise then.


So here’s my newest render.

now i should got a improved result. i’d be glad if i get some reviews on it and further critique.

New render time was ~11.30
added caustic again.
set depth of field
soften some textures
finally found a good texture for my sofas.
soften the smoke
add dust

Okay. thats great, i will check it out. I’m glad that the improvement is visible, but that there is also some more potential. the lightning is for me one of the hardest tasks, the smaller ones are a bright yellow light, the big spotlight is almost orange, but the light sources appear on the screen like the white ovals you see there, yes. i wanted to create kind of a volume light effect there, but I just didn’t got a clue, how to do that.
but i will try to improve scene by adding invisible lights.

thank you for the links and review