Orient view3D to inactive object

The line below will align the viewport to the top view of an active object.
Is there a way to have it align to the coordinates of an inactive object?
Maybe by passing it the inactive object name to align to?
I want to be able to select verts and then change the orientation without losing the selected verts. The object I am aligning to is an empty.


This is the immediate need.
Secondly, is there a good example, tutorial, ect on manipulating the viewport?
Controlling viewport rotations, alignments, centering?

maybe I asked this question poorly.
If you select an object you can use “bpy.ops.view3D.viewnumpad(type=‘TOP’,align_active= True)” to orient the view so that you are looking down the “Z” axis of the highlighted active object. You can then use the same basic command to look at it from the RIGHT or FRONT. The problem is you will lose any selected geometry when you have to highlight the object to change orientation.
I want to be able to reorient relative to the object but not highlight the object. This way I won’t losing the selected verts.