Oriental Dragon

Hi all,

This is an illustration done using Blender extensively.

Modelling and rendering of dragon was done with Blender. Background features were done with POVray. Layout was done in GIMP.


very nice and great looking work. Can’t believe that this is done in Blender.

Really nice one :slight_smile: . I like a lot the texture on the dragon (even if it looks like a simple voronoi, it gives very good results here).
My only crit is that the leg on the right hides the dragon tail, it makes the dragon look a bit short.

i think it could use a little bit more modelling

Nice work, I like the coloring and the background.

were did you get that dragon texture from?

Thanks everyone for the comment.

The dragon texture is a combination of image map (created in gimp) and voronoi. :slight_smile: