Orientation Contraint help needed.

I have a question / problem with the orientation constraint. I am making a “turntable” type of function for a real-time product viewing. All I did was parent a camera to an empty sphere so I can rotate the sphere with control keys.

I only want the camera to be able to rotate up to 75 deg and back down to 2 deg to keep it from penetrating the floor. The up constraint works just fine the way I have it, but when going down it goes past the floor to a -75 deg angle.

Any ideas on how to do this?


couple of remarks: a) the orientation constraint should be active all the time and not only when the up/down key are active b) the order of actuators is important: the GE executes them in the screen order. The orientation constraint should be last so that it can correct any orientation change done by the actuators above it.

However, this does not explain why it doesn’t work, I tested the same setup here and it works.

I got it to work per your suggestions. I just moved the constraint to an always active sensor at the bottom of the stack and changed the min to 2.0. Works just like I want it.

Thank you very much for the help.