Orientation in animation

When i create as example an walk cycle, the character has an xy orientation, to switch from side to front with the 1 and 3 Num Pad. For moving i move the complete character. When i move and rotate the character for some reason, i loose the yx orientation. Is it possible to get the xy orientation even i rotated the character, or are there other methods to solve these animation problems with the orientation?

I’m not sure what you are asking here. You rotate the character and you want it to keep the rotation before you rotated? What’s the problem you are facing?

I want to keep the xy orientation and want to work with the 1 and 3 Num Pad, even when i rotated the character. To keep the xy orientation, i could rotate the scene and not the character, but this will not work with two characters.

Lol don’t really know what ur talking about. You say you rotated the mesh? If so do this in object mode so the center of your mesh doesn’t get moved.

When you have rotated the character, select either character or root bone (or whatever that has inherited this new rotation) and go to View -> Align View -> Align View to Selected. Here you can find shortcuts for navigating using the selected (e.g. Shift+Numpad1 = front).

Perhaps set your Tranform Orientation to Local or View if you need a different manipulator.

Align View is exactly what i’m searching for. Thanks a lot.