Orientation of dupliverted object

This is a really stupid question. I want to make a spiky ball. I created sphere and 1 spike, parented it to sphere and pressed Dupliverts and Rot. Obviously, dupliverted spikes didn’t point out of sphere. Following instruction in manual I tried to rotate spike in edit mode. It rotated dupliverted spikes, but I wasn’t able to get it oriented as I needed. I finally gave up. Has somebody proven method of rotating dupliverted object?

First, make sure that the spike is orientated along one of it’s local axis
(Edit Buttons; Draw extras --> axis).
Then clear rotation (local axis become parallel to the global ones)
Make the sphere parent of the spike
Dupliverts and Rot on.

The point:

Set the track buttons (Anim Buttons) for the spike to that axis the tip of your spike points to.
I.e. if the spike is orientated along Z-axis (tip pointing to the positve Z-direction) --> Track Z

Should work.

A spiked ball with images :


Many thanks, your responses really helped me.

Then clear rotation (local axis become parallel to the global ones)

How do you do that?

Thank you in advance!


You clear rotation changes using alt+R.
While you’re here :
clearing location changes is alt+G
clearing size changes is alt+S.

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