orientation rotate

I want rotate object by orientation in python
EX :
Rotate Box Angel 45 at Z
Any help for understand orientation or convert Angel to ran in orientation


Orientation (somewhat) explained and py examples.

Very useful file and pdf
for me I don’t understand a lot and I didn’t find this
I need to now angle degree and set angel degree only for Z-axis

Well, I took this from Herman’s tutorial and added degree conversion. You’ll need to import math:

def degrees(alpha,beta,gamma):
    rad = math.pi/180
    alpha = -alpha * rad
    beta = beta * rad
    gamma = -gamma * rad
    a = math.cos(alpha)
    b = math.sin(alpha)
    c = math.cos(beta)
    d = math.sin(beta)
    e = math.cos(gamma)
    f = math.sin(gamma)
    ad = a*d
    bd = b*d
    mat = [[c*e, -a*f+b*d*e, b*f+a*d*e],
    [c*f, a*e+b*d*f, -b*e+a*d*f],[-d, b*c, a*c]]
    return mat

use it as
If you want to do a local setting you have to multiply by the object’s current matrix so you need a multiply matrix function. I also made it so it rotates clockwise in the 7,1,3 views.

That degree conversion looks redundant, doesn’t it? Oh well. It works and 2 of them I made negatives.
edit: added variable rad

ok thanks
this script for set degrees to object
i need one for gat Z degrees from object

There’s a script in Herman’s tutorial for that.