Orientation to View.

According to Blender Wiki: (http://wiki.blender.org/index.php/User:Rking/Doc:2.6/Manual/3D_interaction/Transform_Control/Transform_Orientations#Orientation_to_View)

“If you hit Shift plus Numpad 1, Numpad 3, Numpad or 7, the view alignment will not use the global, normally it does, but instead the selected orientation.”

But in practice, the view just aligns with the orientations “Normal” in edit mode, and the “Local” in object mode.

I misundertood what was written in the wiki or is there really a bug here?!

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Been looking for how to do this. Finally found this thread.

It works for me only if I use the right shift, but not for the left shift. Don’t know why but at least it works.

Cool, been looking for how to do this for awhile.

It works for me only with right shift not left shift.

Did you try right shift?

@rictus - Hey, thanks. I had given up on Align to View. Turns out I was using the wrong Shift key.