origami: crane


Can someone help me to get the paper material settings right [at the moment no textures/materials are applied].


I wish I could help you. But I am impressed by the origami crane! It looks almost real.

And I know how they look because I had to help my family fold one thousand of those cranes for my sister’s wedding.

Someone might misunderstand that about your sister :wink:

Yeah, I’ve been making them cranes a lot too. Plus now last days folding, drawing the diagrams and cutting into pieces. It’s tons of fun what you can do with just a square of paper. :slight_smile:


looks more like a bird than a crane…:rolleyes: …sry…i just had to…good moddling too.

It’s a traditional Japanese origami called “crane” [crane like a long legged bird].

Looks good.
IMO it needs a scene.
Like resting on a table.

What kind of paper did you want?
Might look cool made out of old parchment.

Hey where did you get that font
you used for the copyright info?

It has always been sort of my family’s tradition for a wedding to have a thousand origami cranes strung from a small tree.

But my favorite origami that my father taught me was the frog. The one you inflate like a paper balloon. Now that would be a challenge to make in Blender.


The crane brings good luck :slight_smile: makes sense :slight_smile:
Ah, yes the froog. There so many. I like making paper boxes for lunch box, etc… and of course a paper boat, probably every little boy has been playing with a boat after rain.

I have been planning to make other origami too in Blender. I’ve done some boats, but I have not yet got a good enough result to show it. At one point I was thinking of making an animated origami folding site even. But that’s pretty much work. One day, one day :slight_smile:


Daredemo a.k.a René

It’s very likely I used a font called “Han Nom A.ttf”, but there are many Japanese fonts [fonts that support Japanese] on my computer, some came with my Mac and some additional can be found on internet.


If you can’t find the ttf font you like you can always write in other types of fonts (i.e., non-ttf fonts) and make it svg with inkskape, etc.

I’m not looking for anything “fancy” I was thinking of makings it using just normal printing paper. I was wondering what are the spec etc values for paper.

for a good paper material you need translucency.

BTW, what is your technique to fold the mesh like paper?
Do you think that blender can be used for origami tutorials?

“It’s a traditional Japanese origami called “crane” [crane like a long legged bird].”

dude…i know…it was a joke.

It was 4am I was not sure if it was a joke, or if just everything around me was funny :stuck_out_tongue:

For this one, I used “glue” to stick pieces together. I made the diagram on a plane mesh, cut it in pieces and then started to put the faces where they go bridging the caps between different paper layers. That was the best I could think for a “quick” way to make accurate origami.

I’ve been trying to get some animation done as well where the plane is folded using armatures. It’s not that simple. I think Blender could be used, but it will take a lot more work to do it in Blender than just folding it in real life :smiley:

Thank you.:smiley:
I’ve been looking for a better Katakana
font then that PJ Katakana font you can
find at most of the font sites on the web.

You are welcome :slight_smile:
It took me a while to find the fonts myself. So, I’m glad I could make it easier for you :smiley:


俺は話せます。daredemoさんは日本人ですか?www.blender.jp に入っていますか?またはミクシィ?

Sorry. Just had to. Very nice crane.

For what it’s worth, I made THIS picture for one of the blender rendering competitions a little while back!

I think u should use a completley white material. With verry low adn soft specularitysome translucency. And if ya want to add more detail add some bumpmapps but that is not really necesarry.

Actually, the reason I came across this thread was that I was hunting around to see if I could find any good answers for this guy’s question:


I’m kind of curious myself. I’d love to see an animation of a crane folding up, starting from a square piece of paper… I guess it would take a little planning.