Origami Nation Online (Social MMO)

Wait! Stop, before you pass this thread off as another “noob wants to make a mmo” thread, let us explain.

Réwii93 and I are turning his old game into a social MMO video game using the Unity game engine. We are publishing the game though AlunaGames.com.

Origami Nation Online is a MMO video game currently being developed by TheRiverStudio and Genesis Media. Origamy Games is being published and funded by AlunaGames.com. The game is expected to be released in 2010. You can follow our progress on this blog.
We hope to release a playable beta at the end of the year, however we are not making any promises.The game will be playable in-browser.

Official website: http://origaminationonline.com
Blog: http://origaminationonline.tumblr.com
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/origamination
Cloudica: http://www.cloudica.net/origaminationonline


For those who know Origami, the map is 3X bigger and will have 6X more building variety.

Happy modeling

P.S. If you have experience in Unity and you are interested in our project, you can PM me here. But note that you won’t receive a fixed pay, but maybe a % of our profit depending on your contribution.

What all will be done on this difficult task? Is there any modeling talent needed?

No, we can take care of the modeling, what we were looking for is someone used with Unity and/or Javascript to help us place the assets, script them, and do a little game coding. You have to have a some experience in Unity if you are interested.

Subscribe to our mailing list if you want to be one of the lucky few how will play our demo, featuring FPS gameplay, a small demo-town, and alot of thing to destroy.
The demo will not be available to the public, this is a limited offer.

Happy modeling

I mainly posted it here to get interest. We don’t need much help, but since the two of us are on the forums I figured it would go in the team section.

People are not showing interest not because of the game itself, but because it’s using Unity. You’d get a lot more response in the Unity forums like you’d get more response here if it used the BGE.:wink:

A little python scripting for disabling/enabling, visibility, logic systems and physics and the use of Blender 2.53 could allow this game to run smooth in the BGE looking at the screens.

looks so cool! :smiley:

For the most part, I agree with Ace Dragon… Blender 2.53 could run that smoothly with some optimizations… But I think your biggest worry at the moment is getting this thing running online… Which I think Unity is more equiped to do (correct me if I’m wrong)…

Yes, Unity can run a MMO, blender can not, plus out world is HUGE with literally a thousand buildings (minimum) and we’re gonna have even more props, so in the end, Blender could not handle it. But all graphics are in blender!

Anyone good at modeling inside buildings?

So like you could shoot down a door and enter inside and go in rooms etc?

With a project that big do note that Unity’s memory management has historically been less than stellar when looking at some of these Unity threads here

Apparently they’re working on the memory management, but all the memory-related functions Unity has means you have to be more careful in a Unity project than a BGE project when it comes to memory.

Thanks! We will :wink:

@JESUSFRK14: I am moderately good at modeling inside buildings…


We are not hiring modelers, but thanks for the interest.

PLS no “one-is-better-than-the-other” fights. When you know what you are doing, you can do it with anything, we just find Unity to be a great tool for us… mainly because we use the particle, powerful physics, networking, and animation system to its fullest.

We post it in the BA forum because all the graphical work is done with it :D.

P.S. If you didn’t knew, our new (private) demo came out, featuring our fps system, and fun destruction of a small level of the city. If you want to have access to future demo and to receive further news, pls subscribe to our mailing list.

Happy modeling

Guess I shouldn’t have asked then :stuck_out_tongue:

Blender 2.53 can handle all that.

Dynamic loading and freeing… That is all… Don’t question Blender.

By the way, you’ll have more of a chance if you use Blender. Python is very good for networking.

Also, I’m pretty sure that Unity won’t be able to handle a thousand buildings, which means you’ll still have to go with Dynamic loading and freeing. Unless all your buildings are just scaled cubes… Then never mind.

I wish you good luck anyways.

Yep, they are little more then cubes :stuck_out_tongue:

Vot’s that, sandvich? You approve of this game project?

@Jesusfrk and Rewii:
I can do Java and I’m available to help with odds/ends/debugging. (Can’t be a main programmer though, it’s exam time and stuff D: )


Dynamic loading and freeing… That is all… Don’t question Blender

Mmm frankly those features should have been in there from the start… if you’ll notice, pretty much all other game engines have it. However, I agree, 2.5 would be capable of an MMO.

PLS STOP arguing on blender.vs.Unity. They can both do it, we have chosen Unity, end of the story. Like I said, if you know what you are doing, you can do it with anything.

Can you game code in Unity Raiderium ? Because we have a main programmer, but he’ll be working on the networking. So if you are experienced with character controls, animation, and Unity logic, it would be great to have you on the team for some small work.

Thanks everybody for your interest, it really encouraged us. Again, shameless plug, you can visit http://www.origaminationonline.com and subscribe to our mailing list to receive special (and exclusive) offers, like demos, possible beta testers, and in game moderator.

Happy modeling

Yeah, I totally agree, but now that they are here, they should be used.

Um, there wasn’t really much arguing :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s it for me! I wish this game good luck and I hope it’ll be finished, with Unity or Blender :smiley:


Thanks guys :slight_smile: