Origen's and Arcasin's (Star Trek Galaxy)


I haven’t posted a thread in a while but been working on some models. I am still working on the various ships for the animations (STG) I want to do. I’m working on the models in the line of a large scale Star Trek entering a Eve or Mass Effect scale universe.

So, this is what I have. I do have mirror on which you can tell in the textures. Just cutting some time for now.

Origen Battlecruiser

Origen Fighter

Some other models:

Origen Gunship (special forces)

Arcasin Destroyer

I don’t mind feedback.

Arcasin Freighter

Independence Class Huge WIP

I am missing the rear view and another model of a shuttle I made. I have three huge space stations I have not started on, huge jump gate, and another future Federation ship.

Wow! I have never seen Star Trek, but these renders look great! I love the Battle Cruiser. =D

I’m so sorry.

Nice work, it’s spelled “Orion”.

Thank you! The designs does not relate to the Orion’s or anything in the known Star Trek universe.

The name is based on the word origin. As I finish specific models I will create full animations setting the storyline.

Oh ok, sorry man. I just thought it was a typo. XD Still nice models, the Gunship being my favorite.

This is the animation of one of the models. I did the basic of the Arcasin Battlecruiser. I would like any feedback. For a moment you see two fighters pass by. They are the fighters which I am doing the animation now.

Here are some update pictures of the Arcasin battlecruiser and and freighter.

The freigher.