Origin for rotation in edit mode

Hi, so, i had a circle around that piece, i deleted it, and was expecting to copy and rotate the copies around the origin, but it seems to not work in edit mode. in object mode works fine, the object can be rotate around the origin.

I tried all the options for pivot point, and app rotation and scale, maybe i did something wrong, but couldn’t make any of them work, except with the 3d cursor.

If i move the 3d cursor to selected, i can use it as the pivot, this works, but i want to know if this is possible too with the origin.

All the pivot modes except the 3D cursor are exclusively using selection as a way to find the pivot. With 3D cursor you set this manually.

I explain this in these videos:

Now I have not yet gotten to edit mode videos yet. But these same options apply to edit mode, but in relation to the selected components. (face, edge, points).

As long as you don’t have any components in symmetry across the x or y axis you will have to set the cursor in Object Mode to the object center and then use it in Edit Mode as a center.

Another workaround would be to place a point right at the center and use it as the “active element” for future manipulations. And then you can delete it later.