Origin to Bound Box 2.80

Happy new 2019 together!

A small addon to set the origin to bounding box of a single or multi beveled curve or mesh objects

download: origin to boundbox 2.80

(Attention: i added a purge all unused meshes function to remove the dummies that i use to place the origin.)


Big thanks for your sharing ! Happy new year!

Thank You for the addon but i have problem. Sometimes is work ok but very often i have this:

It was a quick and dirt release and not much tested.
I will have a look at it and try to fix it.

Ok! Please try this version. I make some small changes. Hope it works now.
version 002
(Attention: i added a purge all unused meshes function to remove the dummies that i use to place the origin.)

Still the same problem :confused:

Do you use the latest 2.8 version?

I tried it on a complete clean build, without any issues.

Yes i use latest build. When i reset Blender to factory settings it works. On my preferences dont work.


when i remove my startup.blend file form config folder is works

Maybe it will be blocked by another addon.
It the best to enable everthing back one by one, to see where its happen.

Oh man - you just made my life much easier! thanks a lot - should be a standard in blender, center origin drives me nuts.


This super usefull addon i want to use it but id not work for me. :confused:

I reset Blender to factory default, in addon directory have only “object_origin_to_bbox.py”.
I enable addon and it works perfectly. After i bevel the edge i have errors.
I use latest blender Build - blender-2.80-7d792976e100-win64

In Console when i click in “N” panel one of the axis i have " Info: Deleted 1 object(s)"

OK!" will have a look at it!

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Tested with 2.80 > WIN 64bit > February 18, 02:44 - 7d792976e100


I created a new link! Please try this one: object_origin_to_bbox

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Thank You for quick answer.

Unfortunately, I have the same problem.
Just like last time. Pure factory default latest blender 7d792976e100 with only Your addon in addon directory.

How it works:
I set the origin with the help of an box dummy, so it works also for a beveled curve, etc. and than i delete it.
That is what you see in the console window.

I tested it again exactly how show it in your video! I can’t reproduce it!
It looks like a bug from ther first addon version…do replaced the old addon?

I replaced addon with this one:


Ok, that is the correct addon, but i have now idea why it not works for you!
Maybe it would help to blind the settings folder for 2.80 with a rhombus: #2.80
C:\Users\ YourPcName \AppData\Roaming\Blender Foundation\Blender\2.80
Than start blender again and install the addon new…If it work, make a comparsion of your settings…

Sorry i dont quite catch that.