Origin to Geometry, Origin to Center of Mass (Surface), Origin to Center of Mass (Volume) ? Kill me

Especially the first one “Origin to Geometry”, it’s so…arbitrary…

Origin to Geometry’s…what ? Center? Doesn’t that means what the other two options are saying ?

That may correspond to same position on regular meshes like cube or sphere.
But it is not the case on asymmetrical meshes.

Origin to Geometry is oldest choice relative to active pivot point. That makes sense for transformations or deformations from modifiers.
Other center of mass choices were added when Blender integrated rigid bodies simulations that are animating locations of origins of objects.
It is better for a realistic simulation that location of object is coherent with its center of mass.

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is there a wiki page describing these different origin things ?

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Origin to geometry is based on the bounding box. Origin to Center of Mass (volume / surface) might get you almost the same result depending on the topology of the mesh. In some situations you might see slight shift in the center calculations. Basicaly they could be roughly the same but not in the way they are calculated.