Origin Transform pain..


Would anybody advice how to adjust Origin to have object arrayed per its local origin=CREATED ORIENTATION (perpend. and parallely to its axles) and not per default/general Blender origin?
Some clear tutorial for above?
I would like to ArrayMod multiply highlighted shingles NOT along Global origin but along shingles’ origin.
Tried different combinatin but none seems to work. Maybe simple but painful (to me) issue in Blender.

If you e.g. create shingle of default Cube, not rotated in Object or edit mode and add Array mod - rotating in Object mode will rotate array as a whole. If you rotate shingle in edit mode each array element will get this local rotation. Again, rotating this in Object mode will rotate array.
Hope helps…

Edit: If you need precise array rotation snapping one corner in Object mode to some existing geometry and rotating around 3d cursor placed there will help

Post the .blend file and an example of what you want (like a picture or something)

Edit:Something like this perhaps?

The only trick i used to make life easier - i duplicated middle edge of shingle.
No, it is not necessary to apply Array; it can stay active.

Impressive but i dont get it ))
Would explain this latvian magic behind it ? :wink: /And how you aligned to the cube - i have permanently hard time switching from CAD thinking to Blender way…

The middle edge coincides with axis of symmetry of the shingle. To align this shingle to something i would need such axis, however in Object mode that would be problematic to use some invisible vertex on tight geometry to get close with mouse cursor and snap to something - it’s in the middle and is easy to miss - so i duplicate edge and move to the side of shingle.
I hope you know the magic to snap objects in Object mode - mouse cursor close to vertex, edge or face you want to snap, grab and move, then Ctrl key down when in proximity to the target (magnet icon off, vertex, edge or face on for snapping). As soon as it snaps there appears this small orange circle. Done. (There is this A key - if orange circle appears and you press A you can move to the next target; hit A on that and snapping will be in the middle between marked points. Could be more than two targets.)
So back to the shingle - if i have this edge near outside i grab when mouse cursor is close to the one end of the edge and move to the target vertex on cube. Snap it. It might take several ‘preliminary moves’ to get to the target; look from different views if you are close on all axis.
I set 3d cursor to this snapped vertex in edit mode, back to the Object mode and rotate edge (as well as shingle and array it has) while in Top view - Pivot is 3d cursor of course. Snap to the Cube edge. If that was some face oriented differently from Global you would need align view to the face before. Repeat on reminding axis and that’s it.

It’s kind of a long story to tell but it is reasonably fast to do.
I don’t think image would tell more; i’m not that much into video making but the most problematic thing imho - snapping while in object mode can be easily explored using 2 cubes - leave one as is, rotate other and try to snap.

A simple way is to keep your object aligned (in edit mode) to the world axes and use an empty as the ‘target object’ in the array modifier panel. Now you can transform this empty to change the direction and rotation and scaling of the created array. (If you already know of this and are upset because you think it’s too complicated, sorry).

The only other option is to make your array and then go into edit mode, select all and rotate etc. If you checked the boxes in the array modifier panel accordingly the entire array will live update as you make changes.

Thank you ,guys !
As per Object Mode Snap: Seems rRMB addon is interfering w/3D Cursor Tools(once also as addon) ?

As per Empty: seems its safer to create an empty BEFORE any transformation of an object-juts to have fixed reference for future moves?

Sorry, maybe I should go back to some Blender school but to me features/design approach change rapidly or i did not find proper comoprehensive tuts for some chapter of Blender knowledge.

PS. Dont know youir feelings but once I wrote a few posts about logic(?) behind 3D coordinate system and its manipulation in Blender, the answers sounded mo. Blender is not a CAD app. Sure isnt, but good habits had been already worked out and why not just use them? Euclidean geometry, coordinate system is primary school, isnt it??

1D_scripts allow you to align objects to any reference edge.

Huh, thanks but 1D_whatever invisible on Tool Shelf, how to invoke that doodah?

1D_Scripts: http://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/59609328/Blender-Rus/1D_Scripts.py

Ha! This ones workin, thanx again !
Looks really helpful.