original blenderplayer from the 2.57 version

I cant find anywhere the original blenderplayer from the 2.57 version of blender 32 for windows, I need the build with no change. I found the 2.57 build to create the blenderplayer but I dont know how to do that exacly, so, anyone have this build and can uploaded it or know a link where I can find this exact version?


Nobody have it?

Download it http://download.blender.org/release/

As Richard has suggested;

Thanks a lot agoose, I m trying to release this demo but I cant I m having problems with theblenderplayer. and BPPlayer damit!


And richard thanks lots too I need the link for other blender releases in order to upgrade the version of my game and now I didnt even needed to find look out, thanks a lot guys I forgot to mention you on the post above.