Original character sitting test

My original character Star, made for a short-movie I’m working on. Testing her rig with the new clothes I made for her, and compositing before the actual animation.

Updated the project down beloooow.

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Give her a friend called Nova or, Idk Nebula . . She looks nice, Good job - -

I want to make a character called Satanica Pandemonica, a female demon with, Massive Sex appeal - -$

Thank you, glad you like her.
That’s cool good luck for that, also its ironic because my character is an angel girl (I modeled wings and halo too but its turned off for render), and I have another demoness character too I wanna make in the future.

Skin update. Wanted a little bit more detail on the skin, and eradicated displacement map which was causing weird shading in sunlight conditions, now it’s the normal map that I bumped up. Also, I masked the lips and some areas and changed the normal map there.
And I’m testing with the new intel denoiser, which is sadly washing out a lot of skin details unless I’m very close on high resolution. The default denoiser seems to do a better job which is sad, because it’s a lot slower.