Original Free Music for you demo reel or animation

Hello everyone

I run a sound department called ‘Squishy Sound’. We have a library of original music available.

If anyone is looking for music for their animation demo reel I might be able to help. You can supply me with a weblink to view your content or email me a small animation (Low-res / With watermark / Greyscale if you want) and I can check if we have some suitable music (or can compose some music) for you. Most of the music is generally ‘game’ orientated and lends itself to both animation and multimedia content.

The soundtracks are composed with the Ejay product line and will be given to you free of charge. I only ask that you credit me and my sound department in your animation. I will email you an .MP3 file and you can convert it to wave format and dub the animation yourself.

You can email me at [email protected].

Rock and Roll

Cool, I may find this usefull as my sound card is messed up and I can’t compose my own.