Original High-Quality Music needed for your Project?

Dear community,

my name is Frederic Bernard. I’m a 28 years young, professional composer from Germany. I am generally open to any music style; ranging from solo piano, to chamber music, to massively full orchestral scores, or electronic music.

I studied classical music at the University of Music in Freiburg, while my main instrument is the piano, which I’m playing since over 20 years. I additionally got vast experience working and recording with real life studio orchestras and working together with some of Europe finest artists.

Recent credits of my work include music for commercial campaigns of major brands such as:
SONY, DORITOS, INTEL, CANON, SIXT, TIME INC., HEARST CORP., TV channels like NBC Sports, National Geographic, MLB Sports Network…and many many more!

Watch some visual projects of mine here:
(*"re-score means that I used third party movie footage were I have extracted the orginal music score to replace it with my own; only the voiceover in the Ardman film snippets obviously isn’t mine)

-Ardman’s “Arthur Christmas” - Re-score with Music by me:

-Orchestra Recording Session 2015 (Budapest)

-Disney Animation’s/Pixar’s “Ratatouille” - Re-score with Music by me:

-Sony “Working your Dreams” Campaign

-Doritos Superbowl 2015 Ad Campaign, “DORITOS Secret”

-HUMAN (2017 Short Film, the piano track starting at 6:49)

Also, feel free to visit my homepage for more info about me, my work my soundcloud portfolio and contact info
(other fellow composer can also download the PDF scores there for my live orchestra works):

Looking forward for any custom score job offers, feedback/critique, or anything else! :slight_smile:

PS: for those who are tight on schedule/budget: I’ve additionally got a quite immense collection of already produced royalty free music, which I license daily to companies all around the globe. You will find the links for these production music agencies on my website. Of course I also gladly compose new, bespoke music, feel free to ask!


Those are some amazing compositions you’ve got there but I think you may be in the wrong thread.

Great, I am actually looking at getting some custom music/sounds(folley) for my game…when I am at the point where I am adding music can I send you a PM?..do you do folley work as well? I do have my own boom mic etc, but getting the children to be silent while I record is both not fair to them, and plain impossible :). I am not sure if you are equiped for celtic types of meter or sound?

Hey guys,

thanks for that! Yes, I didn’t found a more apropriate place to post my enquiry.
JustinBarret just write me a PM whenever you are ready.

Just as you guys know; I can’t work on no-budget projects, just as my main job is to compose and orchestrate music. Still my rates vary a lot - so I’d charge you totally different then I would Doritos or SONY.


Awesome collections. I will definitely look for some background music for come of our next projects.


I’ve just added even a few more pieces to my /listen subpage (and much more to come for the future.) Especially looking forward to record live again.