Origins dissapear, how to get them back?


So i`m using a Blender 2.80 version from about a month ago because of compatibility and stability with some of the addons.

Anyways the origins are no longer visible, i`m not sure why that happen. Maybe because of an addon or a new Blender build that i was testing that could have change something in the global userpref.blend

Here is an screenshot.

As you can see i have the origins option enable and the origin set to the center of the geometry.
So how can i have the origins to be visible again in the viewport?.., it was working just fine until now.


That’s weird… are you sure you didn’t accidentally move the origin of the cube somewhere off-screen? Seems like a bug if that’s not it. You should report it (Help > Report a bug)

Did you try File > Load Factory Settings?

Yes i try that before, and certainly with Load Factory Settings or deleting the “userpref.blend” the issue is solved but i lost all my settings so i wanted to avoid that. But exporting my keymap solve part of the issue.