OriginSet 2.79/2.80+

This addon is a collection of origin tools for 2.79+

It allows you to:

  1. set the origin to center, cursor, active or selected geometry
  2. to place the origin to a point on the object bounding box
  3. or zero the origin to one of the 3d view axis
  4. wiki is in progress

Version #v2.0:
(this version is also a part of the t+ align addon)

Version #v2.5 for 2.79:
new: more modal operators to set origin
new: append to special [w] menu
new: append to header
new: pie menu or customizeable context menu [CTRL+D]
new: turn icons on or off
Image: panel = customizable menu [CTRL+D]

Update for 2.80+:

github: view3d_originset_2.9 for 2.80+

  • default set origin (optional)
  • click point: snap origin to selected mesh / modal with ctrl, shift and alt functions
  • snap point: set origin with a empty helper to any snap / modal with ctrl, shift and alt functions
  • bbox modal: set origin to wrapped bound box (wip) / modal
  • advance align objectmode: align objects, origins and cursor, distribute between origins, zero to global axis and set origin to bounding box
  • 3vert circle: set origin to the middle of an circle by selecting 3 vertices / or only cursor
  • selected mesh: set origin to vertices, edges and faces or linked mesh
  • advance align edit: align vertices, edges and faces, segments, proportioal editing, etc. / optional use in all other editmodes

Thanks it will usefull. May Im wrong, but will be fine have additional button put only 3D cursot to position - Z0, X0, y0

Shift + C makes this

Thanks, I know :D. But some times (in my case) one click will faster

@jakasan: here is an update. Let me know if it work for you.

Version #v1.1: align tools / zero axis / zero cursor (without view all)…

OK, thanks fur your answer

Seems, you upload another addon :slight_smile: (toolplus_Scene 1.2…)

I have about 6 of your t addons enabled in 2.78a but none of the toolshelves are showing up.

No TAB T+ (Default for panels)?

Maybe there is conflict with other addons…

Found a mistake:
I included the update version number to some addons folder.
This is wrong.
Nothing pop up in the user preferences, when you try to install them.
I will fix it…

Otherwise: i made a installation with all the last new T+ custom. All panels are there!

Thankyou MkBreuer!

mkbreuer, do you know of any addons that prevent the installation of snap utilities?

Need to unzip snap utilities.

mkbreuer, just wondered if you did or needed to update this addon? Thanks

It seems that you use a older setup.
Maybe MetaTools or SFC?
For this setup mano-wii wrote an extra version, but this works only til 2.76. (only the line cutter)
In newer setups i not integreated snap utilities, because i use the full version from the bl market.
Tell me wich setup version you use…

I was able to get the snap utilities working by unpacking the zip file. However there is no T+ tab in my installation. Must be a conflict with another addon. Any suggestions?

mkbreuer, your T-Origin is actually Toolplus: TP Scene Build

TP Scene is updated!

@bkjernisted: please be sure you use the last version.
Maybe you have a better overview on my g+:

Thankyou, mkbreuer!

Version v1.4:
smaller version > reduced to tools with origin function > custom icons
see image in first post

hi, your really nailing this, well done :wink: