Orinoco's Thread

The Blender Stock Exchange (http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=83733) is having it’s 4th Quarter Art Contest starting October 1st and ending December 31st. If you have created some kind of consumer product that does not really exist, using CG, or any other art tools, and would like to put it to good use as an experimental sponsor like in this post for example: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showpost.php?p=901269&postcount=60 , then post it in this thread and I will use it at the beginning of the contest as an experimental sponsor. At the ending of the contest I will remove the images. This is just for fun, no prize giving is necessary. Hopefully this can help give practice to those artist looking to get into the advertising industry, or add practice experience to an artist’s portfolio. The deadline to upload your image is September 30 11:59 PM PST (GMT-8:00).

Do you have any questions about this experimental sponsors project?

Sorry, MARS Grfx., but I’ve looked through your whole BSE thread, and I don’t see anything remotely resembling an art contest, nor much to do with Blender, other than the people playing the game also post at BlenderArtists and presumbably use Blender.

I’m sure it’s a fun game for the participants, but what’s it doing here?

Everyone who plans on taking their computer graphics skills to a professional level knows that the path will get very expensive, learning about investing to make money is one way professionals have dealt with these kinds of expense situations. So thats why this hybrid contest is here, not just for fun, but for educational reasons.

And the enormous monetary expense you expect for Blenderheads is, what, a few books? A video tutorial or two? Up till now you’ve not breathed a word about doing this as an educational project to learn how to make money.

So, again, how does this make what you are doing a Blender Art Contest?

PS: I know a lot of professionals, both within and outside of the art business, but know none who have financed their education by playing the stock market. I’m sure they are out there. Somewhere.

Well Orinoco, You are asking too many big questions, and you are starting to sound like a politician running for office. So I’m removing you from my Buddy’s List and I’m not answering anymore questions that don’t relate to the thread’s title.

Well, MARS Grfx., I guess it’s appropriate that you’re looking for pretend sponsors, since you seem to have a pretend contest.

BTW, if you want to really really get even with me for asking all these big questions, you’d get everyone who’s on your Buddy List to go to a real art contest (Weekday Challenge #8) and vote for somebody else’s art! That’ll show me.

Well, I was just kidding, I don’t have a Buddy’s List, because BlenderArtists.org is my Buddy’s List, anyways, you have forced me to propose a real challenge.

I challenge you to offer a prize of 100 U.S. Dollars in Blender e-shop merchandise in a Blender Weekday Challenge (between Oct 1 and Dec 31, 2007) to the winner and I will do the same for the BSE Art Contest, unless there are no pretend sponsors, then I can’t do it.

Why on earth would I offer a prize to people entering the Weekday Challenge? I’m a WDC contestant, not a sponsor. blackcougar is the sponsor, and he’s got no real reason to offer prizes either, since the contest seems to be getting along quite well without them. Probably because it’s an actual art contest.

Suppose you do decide to offer your prize to “contestants” of the BSE art contest. How do you decide who wins? Is it the pretend sponsor artwork you’d be judging? But you’re talking about a “contest” lasting from October through December, then removing the artwork? But posting the artwork at the beginning of the contest? It’s so confusing :spin:.

As far as I can tell, the only competition at BSE is a competition to make fake money by pretending to day trade. As I said earlier, BSE seems to have little to do with either art or Blender.

If you post one more time in this thread I’m going you change the title to " Orinoco’s Thread".

You know, Mars, if you hadn’t given me such a bs answer to my original question, I probably wouldn’t have continued to post. I ask a question, you give me a straight answer, exchange is over.

But first you feed me a line of bull, then you go and threaten to remove me from your Buddy List, then you issue a Challenge and now you give me the opportunity to have a thread named after me! How can I resist? Fame! Fortune! Immortality! (well, not fortune, but two out of three ain’t bad…)

Hmmm locked I think?

Keep it civil guys, this is a little embarrassing.