Orion III spaceplane - exterior/environment (25/03) page 2

From “2001” of course…

Exterior modellling more or less finished, but I’m sure there’s room for improvement, hence it’s a WIP, crits and comments wanted… I’m also starting on the interior. Oh and I manually placed all those tiles, all 230 of them…uurgh.

Good Comment:
230 you say, with a minimum of 4 points I’de say pretty high poly for my comp lol. well nice exept noise could be toned down a lot! maybey apply cloud to space out noise on panels.

Bad Comment:
All those tiles are wrong re do them like this…

well I have a good comment today ignore Bad.

230 you say, with a minimum of 4 points I’de say pretty high poly for my comp lol. well nice exept noise could be toned down a lot! maybey apply cloud to space out noise on panels.

That’s minimun 8 points… :smiley:

Mmm, noise is just me dabbling with Paint Shop, I thought the ordinary render looked dull and uninteresting. Image now updated with raw render as well as sharpend one.

Bad Comment:
All those tiles are wrong re do them like this…

Do them like what now ? Should there be a link of some sort following that cryptic commment ? :stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks for the reply ![/quote]

i think your link is broke … :frowning:

:expressionless: Ooops, fixed! Thanks for spotting it.

Ok I saw what you did, just add less noise and it will be better because how it is it makes my eye’s hurt.

Things are going very slowly right now, I’d hoped to have a lot more done by now but nothing seems to be working right. Here’s an early view of the interior :

well nice lamps, and nice chairs. but what is that cube under each chair?
It reminds me to the dentest-chair

wow http://img7.photobucket.com/albums/v17/mystery/eek_smiley.gif

that is an awsome model!!!
amazing, great, wicked, cool, nice, hot…need the dictionary for find more…

no crits…http://img7.photobucket.com/albums/v17/mystery/eek_smiley.gif


cyanid : I couldn’t find any reference pictures of aircraft seating, so I just made up the bit under the chair. I’ll remake the existing thing cos it looks silly, perhaps some wooden thing would work better, as soon as I think of a better design.
mystery00 : Thanks, but it’s not that good. The mesh is very ugly under the tiles (I don’t often make smoothly curving meshes), especially visible around the cockpit window, and I’m not particularly happy with the textures either. But the encouragement is nice :slight_smile:

Update - tried to make the chairs less dentist-like, worked on textures, lighting, texturing etc etc. Getting shadows from the chairs on the ceiling for some reason . :-? But at least it has a toilet…something no zero-g plane should be without :wink:

Crits welcome and needed : quicktime vr, ~200 kb

Another update - interior is pretty much finished. I’d make it more detailed, but 12 min/frame render time is silly. I’ll work on the exterior textures, integrate the interior and probably do an animation.
Another panorama, ~300kb.

ok, back to the exterior: it looks good, but the cockpit DEFINATELY needs work. I would also like to see the lighting improved, to give more atmosphere. maybe change the angle beteen the camera and the shadow caster so that the shadows are more visible (i.e. move the camera more frontwards.) also, it would be cool if those windows on the sides cast some light on the wing. in order for this to be possible, overall lighting would have to be reduced, i think. I definately like the non-noisified one better.

interior looks good, but: Too sterile. Add fabric, not plastic. also, if you look straight up in the VR, you see some interesting things. Light is a tube? And I see some strange things on the overhead rail. I think the chairs still look dentist-like. they look like plastic. A tray configuration like the one you have wouldn’t work. (what happens when someone leans their chair back? :o ) usually the trays are supported by arms coming from the hinge between the chair back and seat. The seat design itself is strange. they are too high, with too short of a back rest. Also, i would take them off a pedistal… that contributes to the dentist chair look. i dont know how your overhead bins work, but they look like they would be hard to use (everything falls on you when you open it?). Finally, i think you should change the lettering of “Crew only,” a nicer sign would better suit the first-class atmosphere.

Your interior reminded me most of a boeing 737. i dont know how you could not find ref. images. simple google image search for “737 interior”: http://images.google.ca/images?q=737+interior&ie=UTF-8&oe=UTF-8&hl=en

keep it up! looking forward to progress!

Okay, I agree 100% about the exterior.

interior :
Plastic replaced with fabric.
Tube light ?? :-? Err, no…hemispheres…
Strange things on overhead rail caused by bad camera positioning.
Redid chair to look less dentist-like, rendering times shot through 2 hours, will have to make the panels square instead of curvy.
I don’t see why the trays wouldn’t work, but I got rid of them anyway, replaced with video screen, but texture should be rotated 90 degrees.
Made the back rest taller.
The overhead bins would work just fine in zero g :slight_smile:
Altered door sign.

I think that covers everything ?
Other stuff :
Radiosity now provides more of the light.
Bad camera positioning in the second image.
Restraints on chairs. Very useful if you don’t want to float out of your seat.

Here is the update :

I don’t know why I couldn’t find pictures, was having a bad day.

Thanks very much for all the ideas ! I think they’ve improved the image a great deal. Now if I can get back to the land of animatability I’ll be happy :slight_smile:

Pretty neat…love to see where this one ends :slight_smile:


Major improvement! :o i like it a LOT better. I didnt say the trays wouldnt work at all, it just looked like your current setup would cause a little disaster if someone wanted to recline. Good point about the overhead bins and zero-G ;):expressionless:

Excellent work overall! (I don’t know, are the chairs still too high off the ground?)

JoOngle : with a glowing blue baby floating in space, I believe… see my website. :wink:

Nate G : :slight_smile:

Not really an update so much as a bug-fix. A nice high 1280*1280 resolution panorama… got the rendering time down to a sensible 7min/frame. Would add more details to the door area, but it’s not really important.
Anyways here it is, this is finished…probably…600kb :

Back to work on the exterior then.

The windows need frames and shutters (sun is bright in space) and some should be partially closed.

Chairsd are too far apart… ever been in a ainplane?

Also, would they relaly be made of wood? this is a space ship and wood is heavy, some carbon fiber material is more liekly… it looks great, but more detaisl, make it perfect.

Frams really need to be added, and perhaps some 0-g sickness bags on the back of sdeats.

Chairs are also too high, cant see out of windows :stuck_out_tongue:

also, in airplanes usually seats are framed by pairs… The one on the window side is attached to the side of the craft, and the aisle side seat has a vertical support. Also, I do think that they still look too dentist like, especially with 3 seat belts. Make them with maybe a more “fluffy” looking set of cushions?
Often business and first class seats are more like really expensive office chairs a little lowered than anything else.
Keep up the good work, it looks beautiful aside from those minor details…

Nayman : I’ve added frames. In place of shutters the passengers can have tinted windows - or even better photochromatic - I figure no-one would want to block out the view completely.
Chairs are too far apart, yes. I’ve never been on a plane, hence errors like this. I should have looked at more references beforehand, but as I said, I was having a bad day and couldn’t find any. Can’t really alter this without adding more windows (no-one would want a flight on a spaceplane without a good view), and that’s a pain.
There’s no reason the wood appearance has to mean they actually are wood - might as well add a nice coating to carbon fibre.
Sickness bags are a good idea, I shall add some, and maybe some drinks for the holders too.
I’ll lower the chairs so it’s easier to look out the window!

Goeland86 : 3 seat belts ? There’s only two… and I’ve never been in a dentists’s chair which had any at all (I’d get extremely worried if I did ! :stuck_out_tongue: )
Better cushions is a good idea, I’ll see what I can come up with…

Guess I still have more work to do then. I’ll render a little test animation then make the corrections.

Many thanks for all the suggestions !!