Orion warper

Hi guys!!

This is my latest work, its a concept of an interstellar spaceship from an advanced civilization. Done entirely in blender.
Hope you like it :slight_smile:

Thanks for watching

Amazing work. Clay render & wireframe possible?
The lighting is especially good.

Thanks spacec!!
sure, i’ll try to do that today.


And here it is the clay render with wireframe…

That looks seriously nice

Great texturing.

I love the model, the textures, the light! All spot on. Maybe it’s intentional but I can’t estimate the size of the ship, it might be the size of a dust particle or as big as a city.

Thanks alot guys, much appreciated!!!
You’r wright Meshmonkey, it lacks a sence of scale. I thought about it but couldn’t decide on how to do it…
The ship is more or less the size of a jet fighter.


This is amazing. I cant wait to be at this level!! How did you get the pattern on top? ive been trying to fine out how to do finer details but cant find anything

Thanks Solrac, i’m glad you liked it !
The pattern on the ship is very simple to achieve, it is just a black and white texture used as the factor between a glossy and a rough metal shader and then applied the same texture as a bump. To do finer details in general there are several different ways, you can obviously add detail directly to the mesh, you can use a texture as a displacement or used it as a bump map. But in this forum and in sites like youtube you will find alot of information about this. But if i wasn’t clear enough or you want to see the node setup that i used for this image just let me know!