Ork-Dwarf war axe

All done in blender 2.82 ,High poly render in cycles. Maybe you know any tips how to achieve better detailing? Usually Im sculpting, then creating and mixing materials with pointiness, is there other good way to mix mats, like Fresnel, pointiness etc.?


Its very nice! Maybe With vertex paint u can have for example kind of an AO map, and with multiple vertex colors u can have some more control over roughness or metallic areas.Your’s of course already have that!
But again maybe pointiness is quit powerful to do all that stuff too, im no expert.

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Its a good work overall.
maybe you got more details with other bump/normal maps?

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Its high poly its doesn’t have uvs at all :slight_smile: but yeh, on next project I should try working more with maps.

i think you dont need any uvs for mapping normal/bump maps (texture coordinat - > object) and in the image node set to “box” - after this you can set the position of the map with the mapping node. or you use masks.

but, iam not a pro, i onyl think, it could work. :smiley:

one of my next privat projects will be something similar. something like a gameasset. low poly with high detail - dont know. than i have the same question :smiley:

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Retopo always worth it i thing… And specially in models with nice details and ‘‘easy’’ shape…Maybe its easier to do that than playing with pointinness and stuff.And then u can go as realistic as u want!

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I featured you on BlenderNation. Stay safe, and have a great weekend!

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woah haven’t expected a Lithuanian friend do great 3D modeling! LABAS

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Stunnig Work !

I’m modelling a sword and I’m really struggling with the metal shader for the blade, how did you do ? Is it an image texture or procedural painting ?

Sveikas :slight_smile:

This is how I made my axe blade, maybe it helps :slight_smile:

Awsome !!
Thanks a lot, that will totally help. I’ll try it.
Thank you !

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Labas, savo darbais tik čia daliniesi? Aš prieš mėnesį pradėjau Blenderį naudot, visai zjbs ir einasi gerai man, nors darau darbą kur su universitetu susijęs dabar :sweat_smile:

artstatione dar:

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