Orlando, Fl blender enthusiast!

Hello everyone,

i’m interested in creating a network of artist working with blender here in orlando, Fl and the surrounding areas. If you are a 3d modeler experienced or not, who is interested in gathering with other artist for knowledge and such, pm me or post a comment. I would like to meet up with each and one of the artist to further explain the idea.

very respectfully,


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Fredrix, it’s going to be really hard to find Blender uses in one city alone. I am from Winter Park which is 5 minutes from Orlando, but now live in Virginia. If you look for users in the entire State of Florida you will have better luck. Of course you will probably find 2 or 3 maybe, but that’s all I can see. Good luck and keep blendering!

Thank you for the advice Fayt, you are definitely right.

I’m in Orlando

Hey packman829, pm me to see if we can meet up. I work almost everyday but i’d be nice to meet up.

just now seeing this but I’m located in winter park, too. looking to meetup with other blender artists

I’m just now seeing this post… I’m located near Downtown Orlando. I’m interested in meeting up with some fellow Bender artist. If everyone in this thread is still active and still live in the area than that would make 5 of us.

I myself live in Orlando and interested in Blender. Saving up to get a computer so that I can start. I live in the UCF area.

HI, I’m a Blender user in Boca Raton FLA I’m moderate, please hit me up with a REPLY I’m looking to connect and work with other enthusiasts !

Hi I’m racerXwing1,

I have learned Blender by starting my video searches by typing “Blender 6.3 tutorial how to…”

I just saw your post right now I dont know if this site is still active .
I was looking for blender 3d company in orlando.
And am found this .