Ornithopter Dune 3D Model and Animation

Ornithopter - Dune. Modeled, shaded, rigged, simulated, rendered with SFX music. Attempt to find the right frequency of the wings and simulate the blurry effect in render as well as accurate mechanical movement of wings with variable frequency, direction and pitch control and vehicle intependent pitch,roll and yaw.
“ORNITHOPTER: (commonly: ’thopter) any aircraft capable of sustained wing-beat flight in the manner of birds.”
Music inspired by the SFX during animation process and named “Origin” : https://soundcloud.com/pavlos-evgenikos/origin?si=46c1f7dd35dd4294af3c8d0788933f37

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it looks like a new war machine and i bet if you make one the ARMY will try to buy it off you prototype or not. :+1: