Ortho modeling of pictures with perspective

I have modeled my Yoda model in Orthographic view, and now I can’t help but think he looks funny when I render him in perspective view. I always feel he looks better in ortho. Since I modeled from pictures that were taken with a camera with a lense (obviously) giving them perspective, but was in ortho when I modeled, this makes sense. My question is: Is there a way to correct this so that he looks correct in perspective besides messing with the camera lense values. Is there some formula, or script or even general guidline for correcting this?



The cure is to model from images whic have been taken from a good distance with a long lens. I don’t know of any ‘quick-fix’ for after the fact. Incidentally, if you’re character modelling, you should use a camera view with a 90 degree lens, to ninimise distortion whilst modelling.

Good likeness, BTW.