orthogonal projections

if you have blueprint Top-Front-side in the right proportion

is there any script to auto generate the 3D image :rolleyes: ?

it would be a good tool to have in Blender Edit mode:eek: :slight_smile:

Tank & Salutations:)

well, sir, as soon as there is a ‘convert this picture into a 3d object’ button, then there would no longer be a need for 3d modelers, or 3d modeling software for that matter.


i did not say load a picture and then do a 3D model with it !

i did say having the 3 pictures or orthogonal projections ( blueprint Top- Font and side view )
with which you can generate a 3D picture

this process right now is manual but there is nothing saying that it cannot be done with a script in automode this why we call the pictures orthogonal projections - there is a mathematical relationship there
but as it is now a days in blender we have to do it by hand which is a long process - Look at the face tutorial


That’s not really true, oldskoolpunk. That statement assumes that every picture contains all the necessary information to create a full 3D model. Under ordinary circumstances, a single picture will contain at most half of the object. If it’s an illustration, it may be physically impossible to translate into three dimensions. What RJ2005 is talking about is a tool for converting multiple accurate projections into a single model. Indeed, this already exists; it just hasn’t been implemented in Blender yet, as far as I know. And there are still 3D modelers and 3D software in the world. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Okay, you already partially answered him, RJ2005. You replied while I was typing.

Not all the people have the same knowlege level or education level
to understand what i said - but i cannot do anything about that

some are young and are just beginning to do advanced math
i’m already far beyond that

It would be interesting to have some indication on the level of education of the people asking or responding on the forum - at least this would help to give an answer at an appropriate level

Datameister, could you point me in the direction of the software with a link? I would like to look into it further.

RJ2005, it is very exciting to learn that you are far beyond advanced math :slight_smile: Maybe you would care to donate your time to write a script or plugin that we could use to do this in Blender?

I wish but in order to do that you must also know very well Python and this is my weekest point + Learn the data structure used by blender

  • and if i can i would prefer to stay away from it

Another language to learn you know - you need free time + pratice to master it

and i also have a professional life to take care so free time is not always available – and in my field of expertise yes we do use a lot of advanced math

Note: i know there is a lot of very young kids learning blender on this forum
mind you there is nothing wrong with that

   orthogonal projections in 3D with blueprint is not that complicated

but by posting on the python forum you may find someone there that can do a script to accomplished this task and even put it into a Cv’s to include it in blender

it would be a beatiful tool to save time for a lot of people.


I did a quick search, and this is the first piece of such software that came up. Often, it does take more than just a couple blueprints, but that depends entirely on the complexity of the model.

Right now, I’m going through this process manually with architectural blueprints. I’m creating the Haunted Mansion from Disneyland, using accurate blueprints from all sides. But there are certain ambiguities that I just know a computer wouldn’t be able to figure out. Some things just have to be done by humans still… :wink:

I was just asking for a link to a similar peice of software so maybe I or someone else could study it? I would like to see it . I am very interested, but it seems that you nor Datameister can produce a link to somthing that does this. There are apps that can create heightmaps from greyscale images. Maybe with 4 greyscale images with exact proportions…but creating these images would be even more difficult than actually modeling it, plus the object would have to be pretty simple. We are currently using a peice of code that can convert high detail models into normal maps for use on low detailed models. But this software for converting images into 3d models I would like to see please, if it is not too much trouble?

Oh Datameister, you must have entered your post as I was typing. The idea looks interesting, but its output, even on this page attempting to sell it, doesnt seem all that great to me. And for $1000 ? I admit the idea is very exciting, but I dont think the technology is quite there yet :slight_smile:

Very interesting but out of the subject !

Guys your going where i was not thinking
photogrametrie for 3D modelling

No i did not even think about it - this requires huge amount of processing power and number crushing -

Sorry but my microscopic Cray computer on my desk does not have that number crunshing power it’s only a PC after all from a prehistoric time

Note: I saw not that long ago a TV program talking of one of the major 3D software compagny having this technic of photogrametri to reproduce the inside of building - I think this was MAYA

With a special package for this photogrametrie 3D - But as they said at the end of the show it is extremely demanding in terms of number crunshing and not for ordinary PC you need something like a Cray computer or the equivalent, because of the amount of data point collected in the 3D scene - millions and millions of data points you can imagnie the power required to deal with that many points

There is also in England a compagny that will have a small 3D scanner to reproduce a 3D face or other small object in less than a few dozen milliseconds and it will be available on the market soon may be with a small prize

In summary

I started with something like this and much more simpler

a ) - 3 DWG orthogonal projections Top - Front - and Side Views

 Like what we find in CAD system for arhitectural DWG or mechanical  DWG  or " Blueprint DWG "

Mind you i did find a free softw to do conversion between BMP data files to vectors which would help but i did not have time to try it yet.

I’l be back a bit later - Let me look in my notes this weekend and i’ll let you know a bit more later.


Despite what others have said. I understand what you are saying, unfortunately there is no script around (yet) to do that. If you know python Language, you could write something like that. There is no practicle way of doing this.

Star with the basics, like a cube. You would need top, front, back, bottom, left and right side just to get coordinates. This does not consider the fact that maybe the cube is next to another cube, which happens to occupy the same Z axis. This can lead to problems on determining which vertice is which, and most likely confuse the two as one.

What I would like to see is a robotic stylus that “feels” an object, with a sensor, and translates that into specific coordinates.

There are devices that actually do this with lasers, but I don’t know what they are called.