Orthographic camera glass render

Does anyone know why they do render differently? Even tho the first says free camera the regular camera renders the same result.

It will have to do with how you set up your material and model.
In orthographic mode, the angle of the surface to the camera depends only on geometry and the angle of the camera. In perspective mode, it depends also on the position of the camera.

I think the glass is not behaving as expected using orthographic. You can see the ortho one does not reproduce the glass roughness accurately. Or maybe the emissive material is creating a black halo? Not entirely sure to be honest. I haven’t done anything special. That is a simple circular plane with principled glass (I’ve tested other methods with the same result) and a circular plane with a simple emissive material. Not sure what you mean. Not sure if there would be any workaround while rendering using the orthographic camera.

An easy work-around would be to use a perspective camera with a high zoom and put it far away, which will approximate orthographic.
To help more, you’re going to need to share more details. Screenshots of your node setup and raw geometry maybe? Or even better, the blend file.

That’s exactly what I did and I have done other times it works but it feels wrong working that way. Nonetheless, it gets the job done. Thanks, man.