orthographic to perspective automatically

Hey guys, in blender 2.71a I noticed something in contrast to older versions, something I must admit I quite like. And now that I’ve installed 2.72 it’s no longer there and I’m hoping it’s an option I can switch back on or off somewhere.
When I’m in front/top/side/any-of-those views in orthographic mode, and decide to rotate the view, the view automatically changes to perspective mode instead of orthographic.

In 2.72 it does what blender did in older versions: it stays in orthographic view… Is this an option I can toggle somewhere? I’ve grown accustomed to it. When I’m working in the front/side/top views I hardly ever need perspective, but when I’m rotating around an object that’s what I use most of the time.

Is this an option to change somewhere?

Auto perspective

Thank you! This is very nice to know :slight_smile: