Orthographic View Front and Back switched up? (-Y / Y axis)

For some reason the “-Y” axis is set up as my front in the orthographic view and the “Y” axis to be the back view. I tried reinstalling or resetting to factory settings - but the problem persists. I have tried googling anything relating to this - and couldn’t find a single word on it. What could possibly cause this?

It’s not an error: I guess this is what called “right handed Z-up Coordinate System”… or something like that. Different programs have different systems which causes some grief during import/export and such, but it’s just how it is. Blender just happens to work in this one :man_shrugging:


As far as I understood the “right handed Coordinate System” only relates to the Z and Y axis being switched up. Different programs handle that one differently.

But my problem is an entirely different one: The MINUS Y axis and the PLUS Y axis are switched up. So the Y front is switched up with the Y back. I double checked with videos on Youtube, and I haven’t come across anyone having this problem.

Edit: I think I just figured it out. Blender changed the visual cues / icons for the axis at some point, so it’s been normal to have “-Y” as front all along. It just used to be a smaller “Y” icon in the past instead. Thanks for the help everyone, I was worried my Blender would act all quirky.

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That is the normal. I you use g y 1 on the default cube and it goes 1m away from your view all is right.

Ah, after a bit of searching I see now that there are a lot of images with Y-axis having no sign in Front View :thinking: Maybe they updated the icons?

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