Orthographical Rendering Problem.

This is a different type of problem than I had originally thought.

I am working on a freeware game that requires a number of orthographic renderings for some of it’s sprites. Right now I’m trying to render a vehicle for this project with cylindrical wheels that have a number of semi spherical “cleats”. These cleats are separate objects which intersect the main wheel cylinder at a steep angle.

My problem is that when I render, parts of some of the spherical cleats disappear. Now if I render Perspectively or if I bring the camera closer to the cleats, this doesn’t happen but I need to render Orthographically and at the correct distance.

This is a very specific and unusual situation, but if anyone has had this problem before, I could really use some advice.


I don’t know if this will break any contracts you have, but a picture would really help.

We’re supposed to keep things under wraps until the release, even though we are a freeware project:


You might want to try and scale all the objects to be much larger (5 to 10 times), then moving the camera back. You might have to change the lens to get the exact same image, but this might work. I had a project and some objects would get lost around other objects when they intersected because they were too small.