OS X 10.4.10, Python 2.5, Blender 2.45 for intel Mac, app won't run


I can’t seem to get the app to run even after I have extracted the files into the Applications folder. I have python 2.5 and it runs fine, but I can’t seem to get the new blender release for the Intel Macs to even start up the Application. I looked at the python license notes that came with the download, says its “PSF LICENSE AGREEMENT FOR PYTHON 2.3” soooo that lead me to believe that I might need an older version of Python to run this? I could be wrong though, but it doesn’t really make sense that I would need to match the version of python from the newer version (2.5) to the older version (2.3). The Download says that it’s for version 2.5 but as of now I am at a loss.

I’m running exactly what you describe (Blender 2.45, Python 2.5, Intel Mac OS X 10.4.100) with no problem.

Is this an upgrade from a previous Blender? Do you know how to run Blender from the command line, and if so, what happens when you try?

I couldn’t get my copy of OSX Blender to start either. You have to look at your console log files to see what is going on.

I’m with bugman. I got the same exact setup, and I’ve never had a problem. Have you had previous versions of blender working on your machine? If so, maybe there are some “ghosts in the machine”.