Os X commandline problem


I have been trying to set up a ramdisk but as i seem
to be unable to login as superuser (sudo or is it su)
to my own computer i am out of luck, whats going
on, i am using quite new machintosh os its leopard.

i did find from web the command to do the ramdisk…

so i think its just login trouble, but i just dont get it
why su and the computer password dosnt let me
into “mode” where the ramdisk can be done…

so asking help with this, i hope i am clear with
my guestion enough

it could be “sudo -su” if my memory serves and there still useing the same bash verient as hen i last checked … try googleding for a leopard command disk if that dosent work

thx i found software to do this, although its maximum ramdisk allocation is 2GB, 4 is wgat i would want, but its good enough.

why a ramdisk anyway if you dont mind me asking ?

I had on machintosh 3 harddrive as raid, now only one. but still when i do animation editing i want/would like really fast method of working. the mac takes i guess 32 gigs of ram, i got 4 more so now i have 6, 5 could go to ram disk and 1 for application Shake or blender for example. I propably dont do but HD film effects / editing capability would be nice. Shake didnt like ramdisk by the way, some error came up, or so it seemed unless it was some other reason of constant crashing.

interesting work flow … totally inefficient but interesting

would you mind to prove how its innefficient ?