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(humphrey) #1

I running blendercreator on a 500mhz iBook 2 with OS X 10.15
Is it possible to start the system up with just a command like and to run blender from there? I’m interested to see how much quicker the program would run and how much quicker it would take to render.
My theory is that with the CPU not been busy running Aqua and all the stuff that goes with that, then Blender should run faster!



(PowerMacG4) #2

I interesting in seeing if I could start it in command line.
I think once it goes open source and you could compile it to your machine, it will render faster.
How did Blender 2.25 ran on OS X?
Blender 2.23 quicks on me. I’m trying not to resort to using my SGI o2 for Blender work.
Best way to make Blender render faster is to create a Blender user, login as that user kill some of the back ground processes. I try to crete users for most of my major apps, blender, final cut pro. I keep a bare Dock for them also.

(kattkieru) #3

Check out http://www.elysiun.com/viewtopic.php?t=4240 – it’s got everything you need to know about running blender from the command line.

As for speed, rendering from the command line offers only marginal increases. If you really want a speed increase, upgrade to Jaguar. I can’t say enough good things about the speed increases on iBooks (I have basically your exact model).

(VelikM) #4

You can run Blender from the command line, the problem is you dont’ get any graphics that way. I seem to remember reading that Blender on OS X is a carbon app, it’s tied to the Aqua interface so even if you booted straight to Darwin (I’ve seen somewhere that it’s possible) you won’t get any graphics without a window system. On Linux systems using Xwindows you can use blender by opening it with xinit from the command line, I don’t know if OS X/Darwin has that capability (not likely).
I’ve found that using background rendering is much faster than rendering in the forground, A file that takes 20 minutes to render in the foreground only takes 3-4 minutes in the background. PowerBook G4 550 384m OS X 10.1.4.