OS X keyboard lockup?

any 2.5x version of blender i have used seem to suffer from this. your working away and suddenly the keyboard is unresponsive, blender is running fine, just not recognizing keyboard input, switch to any other program and back and the problem goes for a while.
i have no other issue’s with my macbook pro’s keyboard so its not the hardware.

it seems completely random, i can pin it down to any particular act. its not during field input or anything, just general edit mode extruding, vertex pushing stuff.

Anyone else experience this?

sys: MacBook Pro 6,2, intel core i7, 4gb ram.

I’m on a dual quad-core i7 iMac, never experienced anything like that. Could be related to the laptop?
Have you tried resetting your Blender prefs?

don’t see much to try changing in the pref’s. no issues in any other app not in 2.49 or below. i’ll check out 2.57 and see what its like.

just checked 2.57 from blender.org.
update on offending bug: blender accepts input in text fields but key shortcuts in 3d view don’t work. switch app and type anything, then back to blender and all is ok.