Os X - Mouse Wheel issue

In the latest revisions for mac osx, I’m having heavy problems with the scroll/zoom mouse wheel, that is, every action that involves mouse scrolling, in every context, is very lazy to start, then suddenly jump and goes away too much.
None of the options in the preferences seems to have effect.
Nobody else has this problem?
Maybe some suggestion?


When I got OSX Lion, I had problems like that with the middle mouse button. I thought it was just my mouse was broken but after reading this maybe not… unless your mouse is broken too. :stuck_out_tongue:

I use the Magic Mouse, no buttons nor wheel (I say this for not mac users), now I have to stroke it from top to bottom to get it start to scroll or zoom.


Edit: I forgot: os x 10.7.2 Lion

Revision 41785 by jensverwiebe (1 hour 34 min ago)
OSX: go back to former zoombehaviour with magicmouse in Lion, no time to recode to NSTouch in the near time

I hope this could solve the issue, waiting for a new build.


I rolled back to former behavior for now, due no time to recode the stuff
to NSTouch which is needed for Lion now.

The backdraw: if you atach a MM to a Book or have a MTrackpad attched
to a destop Mac, thats not covering all gestures.

As said: we need a rewrite in GHOST_cocoa to properly handle all
multitouchevents from all devices on Lion.


Thank you very much jensverwiebe , no need for gesture here, just to get back the scrolling mouse functionality, now I’m happy again :eyebrowlift: