OS X Rendering is SLOW

(humphrey) #1

I have an iBook 2 500mhz runing OS X 10.15 with 128mb RAM and a 10 GB HD.
I’ve used Blender on my considerable slower PC, and the rendering time is about 15x quicker.
I’m serious! It takes about 3 minutes to render one frame of a single scene at 1024 x 768 on this mac!
That’s just way to long when you start using animation

Anyway… I was wondering if anybody knew why this was and/or how to fix it?



(avt) #2

Sounds odd… What Blender version are you using?

I have one of the 600MHz G3 iBook’s with the same memory size and OS version you have, and speedwise it feels roughly comparable to the 667MHz Celeron (Win98, 384MB) I have at work - using Publisher2.25 on both machines…

In terms of real time 3D performance the G3 iBooks aren’t too hot, as they run a pretty old graphics chipset. What may be worth checking is that you’re either running your iBook from the mains, or that SystemProperties->EnergySaver->Options->ReduceProcessorPerformance isn’t ticked.


Alan Taylor, UK

(VelikM) #3

Is a post that has some info about background rendering to speed it up on the mac. This is the gist of it.

I pulled it off by adding blenderpublisher to /usr/sbin then it’s part of my path and I can call it from the terminal with ‘blenderpublisher -b /Render/blends/my blend file name -f 1’ that renders the first frame of my file.
To add publisher to /usr/sbin (assuming you have OS X) click on the blenderpublisher icon ‘right click’ and ‘choose show package contents’ from the menu (shows the dir structure beneath the pkg so you know the path for the cp command). Open the dir Contents the MacOS there you have the publisher binary. Open a terminal window, type ‘sudo cp /the path of the dir where you have the Blender folder/BlenderPublisher(whatever you call it)/blenderpublisher.app/Contents/MacOS/blenderpublisher ‘a space’ /usr/sbin/blenderpublisher’ now having done it correctly you can call blenderpublisher from the command line ‘blenderpublisher -h’ will give you the contents of the help file.

By using background rendering you can keep working with blender while rendering.

(kattkieru) #4

I have the iBook 500 too. The main problem with it is the 66mHz bus speed. The 600 and 700’s both have 100mHz busses, which makes for a significant speed increase in all things.

OS X 10.15 is the second problem. In my experience it was slower and buggier than 10.13. If you upgrade to Jaguar you’ll see a 50% speed increase in all programs (I’m not kidding – it’s almost as fast as 9 now). Even Blender responds better.

Background rendering helps too. Drawing to windows in OS X is slow because of the way the window manager handles things. This is sped up considerably in 10.2. Trust me and buy the upgrade.

(VelikM) #5

I’m looking forward to getting 10.2, I keep hearing that it’s much faster.