OSA & blur effect on texture

Hi everybody,

I have a problem I cannot resolve, I need some advises.
Please, have a look at the attached images, one has been rendered with OSA and the second one without OSA. The coins are made with a curve circle and the image of 1 EURO is used as texture. The result of the coin images rendered without OSA is great for me but as soon as I activate the OSA to get a more precise result, the coin images become too blured and I lose the nice reflection effect I got without OSA.

Any idea
Thanks to all


hm I dont quite see the reflection in the 2nd one either, can you point it out.

Btw, great pavement! how did you do it?

In the second image, the coins seem more real, much more metal fx.
The pavement are simply made with a photo.

try turning the osa down put it on 8 or somthig

It is set to 8, I tried with 5 and I got the same result.

ah yes I see now, try pressing the Nor button in “Map To” under materials

Try aktivation two same textures and giving the one only col and the other only nor, that looks crispier than just telling one texture to have both… and you can also lower the filter of the texture a bit to 0.75 or so… :wink:

Already tried it, no significant effect …

I like the high detailed stone texture. Where can I get those kind of textures (for free of course)?

Ok, for the coins I finally made a hires photo of a one Euro coin and it seems to be better.
I have another problem now, I don’t like the non realistic feeling of the result and I think it is mainly due to the poor shadows. But I cannot get a better shadow result, I rendered the scene using Yafray. I would like much more apparent shadows, what parameter in Yafray or elsewhere could I use to get stronger shadows without increasing light ?

Thanks to all



indeed it is better but did you try turning down the “filter” parameter in your texture’s window? there is also the “interpol” and “mipmap” options you can desactivate…


I don’t know how to help you, but if thats a table whats it on…?

Also try setting the “Filter 1.00” to a lower value in the Textures Panel.

I’ve also moved this to Questions and Answers as that’s more fitting.