OSA filter tips

I would appreciate any tips regarding the use of OSA filters. For example which filters suit which situation etc.
Reference regarding filters can be found at http://blender.org/cms/Samples_and_Filtering.723.0.html .

Gauss .95 usually. It always just depends on what looks best though. Ian

I usually use catrom at around .90 I think It gives a nice sharp edge, Tho sometimes you have to play with the values or you start to lose the antialis effect on some objects…I think it has something to do with low polygon counts …not sure. Sometimes I’ll use gauss around .90 tho overall I think gauss kind of blurs the edges too much.Most of the other ones I think are useless or maybe for special situations.

I tend to use gauss, simply because I think sharp edges makes things seem a’
bit too unrealistic and computer-generated to me, compared to what an average
real-life camera image looks like.

//The M.h.p.e.

When gauss was initally introduced as the default AA method, I didn’t like it. Sure, it makes smooth edges, but if you do a comparison, it also blurs detail inside the model’s edges too.

Box is good, except if you’re doing a model where there’s high contrast (e.g. black model on white background), and in that case the aliasing shows up a bit too much.

For me catmull-rom is a good middle ground, looks nicely sharp

I normally use the Cat-Rom filter. To me it makes a lot more sense to use it than the gauss filter, because I can always add a guass filter in post, if necessary.