OSA for objects


as I could not really find an answer to this question I thought I might ask it here. I’m rendering a scene with several objects. All these objects are placed on a plane which is the ground. I want all these objects to have smooth edges without aliasing so I’m using OSA 8x for the whole scene. But I also want the ground-plane to be aliased with sharp edges.

I thought it might be achievable using multiple renderlayers and some compositon but I could not really find out how to do it.

Can someone help me with this?

If you don’t understand what I want: The grey bottom plane should be alias while the tent on it should be oversampled: http://www.openanno.org/wiki/images/4/43/Storage_1.pnghttp://www.openanno.org/wiki/index.php/Image:Storage_1.png

you need 2 scenes(SCE:1 etc), or two blend files. Render the tent and plain separately and combine using the compositor.