OSA is messing up my Bumpmap!!

Without OSA Bumpmapping turns out to be OK…

But OSA is messing it all up!!! Even with low values (OSA 5)

I`m realy confused now!!!

I tried different light Setups, and frickled around with Image Interpolation settings, but nothing seem to work…

Any Sugestions??

Are you using Nor or Disp? Switch to whatever the oppisite is, or turn up the effect.

You might want to try messing around with the Filter value under the Image Texture buttons.

Displacement Mapping diddnt worked for me, not this time… and never before. You need a high Poly Count for Displacement Mapping, and it still looks like sh** couse it become all spikey.

So, i use ordinary Bumpmapping, and if i turn the effekt up, its getting worse.
A Nor Value around 0.5 is used on the second Picture above.

Thank`s anyway

Thats what i meant by Interpolation settings…

I guess i found out what was happening…

The textures used in the Images above where all 512x512 in scale.
I just resampled them to 2048x2048 and everything turnd out to be very nice.
Seem to be logic… more Pixels, finer Anti-Alias…

so it turned out to be a simple solution again, and i`m able to continue blending happyly ever after… or something… :stuck_out_tongue:

As indigomonkey said, try turning down the ‘filter’ value in texture buttons.