OSA less than 5?

I am not sure why, but is there any way to set OSA to 2 or 3?

I am making game pieces, and a battleship is about 120 x 30 pixels.

OSA of 5 is too blurry, but no OSA, is too sharp, and the edging too blocky,
or should I instead try going to a different rendering engine, like Yafray?

Try rendering it bigger (about 2x in each direction) and scaling down in an image editor. This way you can control the sharpness yourself. Do try Yafray though, it allows finer AA control and I guess rendering time isn’t an issue with such small images.

Thanks egg, unfortunately, the first option would be too much trouble, since civ III uses animated 2-d isometric storyboards that require 256 color palettes, and sharpening may cause borders to appear around the cell edges.

I hardly have the hang of Blender yet, so I was hoping to avoid Yafray…

egg meant that you could render the image out at a resolution of 240 x 60 and then scale it downward from there…


Don’t be afraid, Yafray is your friend :slight_smile: Most features implemented in Blender can be exported. Often the only thing you’d have to change is the lighting. Check out this article:

I BTW don’t see why resizing the image would cause borders to appear…?

Thanks Delta, I was aware of that, but the problem is the animations are done in cells, usually with green dividers and magenta background.

If the animation is rendered, and then sharpened, in every 2d editor I’ve used, the green and magenta clash severely, and begin to form unwated extra lines, which then must be manally deleted.

There are probably ways around this… like making a separate layer with the green cell borders, replacing all cell borders in background layer to magenta. sharpening, and then pasting the seperate layer back on top… hmmm… maybe it can be done.

But Yafray doesn’t seem to complicated… but one 480 x 480 cell takes like 15 seconds now!

Thanks egg… the lighting was the other problem I first noticed… I’ll read the article on my lunch break.

I don’t think that you would wan’t any AntiAliasing for game Sprites :-?
Even tho it’s kind of jaggie, you wan’t the edges sharp, so that they go right over backgrounds, without large sections of AA.
Hmm…anything I’m missing?

The sprites also contain a 32 color alpha blend palette, so shadows will blend with the background.

But the answer is no, you cannot set OSA 3, there is not jitter pattern in blender to make that possible. That’s why it’s a radiorow not a slider.

What you could try is render booth (OSA5 / no OSA) and crossfade them.
This is even possible with LinkedScenes in the SeqEditor.

The sprites also contain a 32 color alpha blend palette, so shadows will blend with the background.[/quote]

OK, that’s what is I was wondering, or ‘missed’ :wink:
Good luck :slight_smile:

Yafray did the trick. 2 passes, 2 samples and got a real small detail alpha blend. :smiley:

Hell yeah! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys… and blender writers! and writers of Yafray too.