OSA problem

i made a project with subsurf but now i can’t render whit OSA but a normal render works

i think it is because my pc is not strong enough

spec: p3 500Mhz 128MB sdram gpu: geforce2 GTS 32mb vram, 64mb
vga ram

what most i make stronger mi gpu or my cpu or both?

Greetz renderken

What do you meant that you can’t render with OSA on? Does Blender crash? Do you get a black render screen?

Must be something else than your hardware anyways. I’ve got 256 MB on a 466 Mhz… Never had any OSA-related problems together with subsurfs (apart from the fact that the AA sometimes isn’t good enough of course :slight_smile:

Might be memory related of course. Try to render with X-Parts: 4 or something and see if your problem (whatever it is, u didn’t say…) disappears.

EDIT: … forgot to mention that the GPU has nothing to do with rendering at all. Unless of course you’ve bought yourself a RenderDrive, but if you had, we wouldn’t see you in these forums :slight_smile:

if i render whit osa , blender crashs each time
but i did what you say jamesk i set te x-parts: 4 and
i turned osa on and than i could render it
it was very slow but it works so

thank you jamesk

keep rendering